Magi Episode 21

Episode 21



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  1. Such………….C..CU..cute animals 😐

  2. Wow damn,

  3. lol

  4. I’m and idiot!
    You’re an idiot!
    Everyone is an idiot!

    • your the only one is idiot just kidding dude

  5. OH MY FREAKING GOAT– HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I almost forgotten Hakuryuu being a crybaby hahahahhhahah– :’D

    • I’ve** oops.

  6. Lol

  7. So Kyooot~

  8. This anime really caught my attention…

  9. Hakuryuu is so cute when he’s freaking out! <3 XD

  10. …Bad guy smiling? Always a bad sign… xD

  11. What’s 9+10? The answer is the what number episode this is! 😉

  12. Yo

  13. LOL The cute animals are like, you look delicious!