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  1. this is probably one of the best anime i’ve ever seen

    • Agreed!

      • agreed also but it does not top bleach

        • Bleach is bad and you should feel bad.

          • Why so mean XD

          • dont like bleach hunter x hunter is d BEST

    • If you like this, then why don’t you watch an anime called “Fairy Tail”?

      • I watch fairy tail, fairy tail is best

      • ive seen Fairy Tail its awesome

      • Agreed

      • I did watch Fairy Tail, One Piece, Dragon Ball series actually all of them, Naruto, Kaichou Wa Maid-sama, Future Diary, Sword Art Online, Highschool Of The DXD, Highschool Of The Dead, yes I have watched most of the over rated animes, but I usually watch the normal ones or sometimes gore, like Elfen Lied.

        • I already watched Elfen Lied.. and it’s awesome man

      • Yas that anime is the anime

      • Because Fairy Tail is repetitive and lasts way too long to enjoy.
        It should end already!
        And yes, I have seen it all.

        • I know what you mean. I left it but I’ll be going back to it later on.

      • fairy tail is better than this

      • I hate Fairy Tail, sorry :/ Too much fanservice and “friend ship is magic” mindset.

    • Yup

    • code geass, bleach are still at my top 2 but this is AWESOME

    • Super duper agreed

  2. It’s better than bleach

  3. and fairy tail can’t match it’s AWESOMENESS

  4. This anime is realy good and i think its better than fairy tail. Also fairy tail is realy disapointing in the last 20 episodes :(

  5. fairy tail is the shittest aime i have ever seen i now know why its been kept on hold because the publishers are to embarrassed to release more shitty episodes each week

  6. I agree with both of you about this anime King and Carlos however like the others said if you like Magi wash Fairy Tail is my favorite

  7. I’d say it’s pretty cool the anime of course

  8. potang ina nyo

  9. watch fairy tail 2014 its not dissapointing

  10. This is awesome!!!!! Fairytail is also awesome….. Everything is awesome hahaha……

  11. first time i saw it.. i cant stop crying..coz its so great yeah..d best….ugo ur d best

  12. Good reminds me of fairy tail. Ive seen so many animes. I range from popular ones like Attack on Titan and Death Note and Fairy Tail, to romances of all sorts like Wolf Girl and Black Prince and Ao Haru Ride, to gore like Akime ga Kill and Future Diary, to the supernatural like Bylindier (cant remember the spelling) in Darkness and the Occult School…etc etc. Anyway this anime is really good. It doesnt go with the usual setting of Japan or a western country, but instead focuses on the middle east and even has true facts about the cast system that existed back then, plus the lore and great characterization.

    Kk im done. Girlyotaku out 😉

  13. fairytale is the best anime i ever seen!

  14. best anime eva