His Name Is Judal

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    • i totally agree

    • So true #)>

    • …….

    • I KNOW RIGHT!!!! LIKE DAMN IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL TO BE THA FIIIIIINE!!!(plus I totes wanna see him in handcuffs #kinky 😉

    • you gay or a girl?

      • ahahhahaha

    • you do fucking realise hes an anime character right geez get back to earth you fucking anime retards

      • Then why are you here then? Cmmmmmm

        • >O< Haruka from Sakura Trick???

      • Then why are you even watching these? Weaboo. If you’re gonna criticize our actions. Douzo, leave.

        • Guess what, you can stay a rational person and watch and appreciate anime without being a disgusting fucking filthy weeb like you… borderline fucking pedophiles.

          • Did you just say that to neko? If so, how does that make them a “disgusting fucking filthy weeb”, “borderline fucking pedophiles” Neko said that to JOE who said “you fucking anime retards” to the people saying Sinbad is sexy; if anyone is at fault it’s JOE… SUGOI! PEOPLE ARE HORRIBLE

      • Dear Moron,
        Stop being such a hypocrite. You have no right to judge others based on their personal preferences. Simply because they are attracted to a fictional character instead of a human being does not make them retarded. A retarded human is one who has a mental disorder. Also, seeing as you’re so rude about your opinion of those who admire the artform and storytelling that is known as anime, how did you ever get to episode 10 of Magi?
        Sincerely, A Human with Common Sense
        P.S. Get some of your own. You’ll make the world a better place if you stop giving everyone a headache.

    • yes and so funkin’ HAWT!!
      its makes me crazy (\*O*/)

  2. Man, why Sinbad have to be sooooo freaking hot. Like seriously that face is too much for me~!


  4. Goo Judal! XD

  5. It then head ugo or salomon. Or ugo is salomon

    • Ugo isn’t Solomon. The head in the beginning is Ugo’s, but Solomon is a different person. You don’t really learn much about him in the anime so far because it isn’t caught up to the manga, so the Alma Torran Arc hasn’t been animated yet. However you do learn a great deal about Solomon in the manga.
      Aladdin represents Solomon’s appearance mostly, because he’s Solomon’s incarnate. Ugo was a friend of Solomon’s in Alma Torran (the other world in which Solomon was alive). Solomon kinda looks like a more grown up Aladdin.

  6. Ugo is a beast

  7. You all are weird

  8. Why do I think Jugal is hot!?

    • Because he is freaking sexy

    • In love with him, actually :p too hot. *_*

  9. Man Ugo just rekt Judal, I couldn’t stop laughing

  10. this anime fucking gay

    • Then why are you watching it, you incompetent imbicile. *rolls eyes*

    • Why are you here then? And on this specific episode to be exact?

  11. chill fam

  12. lol

  13. Ya I agree

  14. um wut

  15. Icant Watch..

  16. why is it that ugo does’nt have a head? pfft! XD he’s like a ready-to-oven-chicken xD and it creeps me out <(+.+)7

    • Aladdin explains in an earlier episode – Ugo does have a head, Aladdin just can’t summon it, he can only summon Ugo’s body from the flute :’v

    • HAHAHAHHA…omg I agree with you on that one.

  17. will you please top it!

  18. wow

  19. so far I’ve read like a thousand times already that Sinbas is hot (wich he is) you don’t have to repeat over and over again the message is clear. Same about Judal and Alibaba.
    just saying

    • No Judal and Sinbad and Masrur are sexy af, Alibaba is disgusting!

  20. It weak

  21. Ugo is so fucking awesome

  22. Dan brought me here ^^ If hate then kill yourselves eheh.

  23. why do you people have to be so rude about someones else’s opinion like how does it affect your personal life if some of the ppl watching this likes a character that you don’t? we all have our own opinions and you should respect that